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First, contact United/ Optum to see if they have a list of United/ Optum mental health counselors who indicate that they conduct online therapy.

The second best option is to go to Psychology Today's Therapists Finder. From there, you can search therapists by insurance company and see if they have indicated that they conduct online counseling sessions.

With the rise of COVID-19. Most counselors are moving to online therapy.

What if I don't want to see a counselor with Edmond Counseling. How do I find an online therapist that takes United/Optum and provides online therapy?

United/ Optum Online Therapy in Oklahoma

Does United/ Optum cover online counseling?

Most likely yes. Most of United and Optum's insurance plans cover online therapy. However, it is important for you to call your insurance and ask about your specific plan to make sure that online therapy is covered. If it is covered, you most likely will have the same benefits as you would if you were to see a therapists in-person.

To United and Optum's credit, they have been on the forefront of tele-medicine for the past several years. They have been more flexible in the provider's utilization of tele-medicine than many other insurance providers. 

At Edmond Counseling and Professional Development, we will contact United/Optum and find out your online counseling benefits for you. We will then inform you of the information we have received before scheduling your first online counseling session.

Ready to start online counseling?

If I live in Oklahoma, do I need to see an Oklahoma counselor?

Most states require that the licensed counselors in those states provide professional counseling to that state's residents only. As the situation with COVID-19 evolves that mandate may eventually be waived by some states. But, generally, the answer is yes. If you are a resident of Oklahoma you will need to be seen by a professional counselor who is licensed as a mental health therapist in the state of Oklahoma.

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United Optum online therapy in Oklahoma