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Welcome to SMART Recovery- Edmond

The first Edmond meeting of SMART Recovery was started in June 2014 by Professional Counselor Micah Perkins and is part of  SMART RECOVERY USA

What is SMART Recovery?

SMART Recovery stands for "Self Managements and Recovery Training".  It is an international, non-profit organization, providing a network of support groups for individuals dealing with a variety of addictions.

Addictions addressed by SMART include: alcohol addiction, illegal or prescription drug abuse, gambling, pornography, etc.

How is SMART Recovery different from AA,NA, or other support programs?

We consider ourselves an alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous but not in competention with them. In fact some of our members continue to benefit from attending AA, NA, or other support groups in addition to attending SMART Recovery.

The following are a few ways that we are different from other support programs:

1. We do not believe that a belief in a higher power is required for recovery- Although some may find a belief in a higher power to be helpful for them, it is not a cornerstone of our approach as it is in many other support programs.

2. We do not have "12 Steps"- The twelve steps of AlcoholicsAnonymoushad not only beenuseful for AA members but has been adopted by many other support programs. Although the twelve steps provide a road map for individuals in recovery, we feel that other skills are required. Instead of twelve steps we use the four point program. The four points are::

Building and Maintaining Motivation

Coping with Urges

Managing Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors

Living a Balanced Life

We attempt to address one or more of these points during each meeting.

3. We do not rely on tradition but rather on evidenced base practices and skills-

Evidence based practice simply means that the concepts and skills taught at SMART Recovery meetings are backed by research studies validating their effectiveness. The SMART Recovery program is based on principles of Cogntive Behavior Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfulness practices. We seek to teach our members skills that they can use to help them manage and overcome their addiction.

How much does SMART Recovery cost?

SMART Recovery meetings are free. At the end of each meeting a hat will be passed and members have the opportunity to donate to the group. All donations go to covering group expenses (meeting room rental fees, advertisement costs, etc)

What is the age range of group members and are family members allowed to attend the group?

SMART Recovery meetings are for adults ages 18 and up. Family members and friends are welcome to attend a few meetings as support for new members, but we request that ongoing attendence be limited to those who are currently in recovery.

For questions, contact Micah Perkins at micah@edmondcounseling.com