Ethics: Why Good People Do Bad Things (and how you can keep from being one of them)

​Today's headlines are full of employees engaging in unethical practices. How do individual workers and entire corporations lose their way? This workshop uses modern day psychological research to answer such questions as:

1. The different reasons why people act unethically. 

2. How one can identify the danger signs, and when he or she may be vulnerable to unethical practice.

3. Specific steps workers and organizations can take to guard against unethical practice. 

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Dynamic Relationships: essential principles for a happy, healthy work environment

​The Dynamic Relationships workshop focuses on principles from relationship experts John Gottman Ph.D. and  Gary Chapman, as well as basic principles of the Myers Briggs Type Inventory to you and your coworkers learn:

1. How to build positive relationships with fellow coworkers.

2. How to manage conflict when it arises.

3. How to better relate to other's personality styles.

Staying Centered: stress management to improve wellbeing at work and in life.

The Staying Centered program uses modern brain science and psychological principles to help you and your coworkers learn how to build and manage stress. This workshop teaches:

1. How to transform common self-defeating thinking through self coaching.

2. How to utlize mindfulness techniques, and other behaviors to build resiliance.

3. How to better understand one's self and get reoriented during stressful times by identifying core values. 

Helping people learn ways to reduce their stress, have healthier relationships and meet their goals is what we do everyday!

Why not bring these same skills to your organization?

Our three signature programs are:

Corporate and Organizational Training- We know our stuff, let us bring it to your organization 

We want people to find fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. We offer continuing education opportunities for 

Licensed Professional Counselors

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Licensed Clinical Social Workers

and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors through our Counseling Institute.

In addition, Micah Perkins provides

LPC supervision, for Oklahoma License Professional Counselor Candidates.

Training Services ​for Mental Health Professionals and Organizations

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